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Abundance Mentality: How a New Mindset Can Give You More Energy

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As business leaders, as entrepreneurs, as humans… it seems we are always in search of more energy.

The physical energy to stay awake to write one more proposal.
The mental energy to contribute well in meeting after meeting.
Emotional energy to endure rejection and other setbacks.

Energy is a hot commodity these days.

What if we could gain a bit more energy just from shifting our mind set?

Stephen Covey wrote an amazing book called the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (you should read it!) in which he writes about having an abundance mentality.

Simply put, an abundance mentality comes from a belief that someone else’s success, use of resources, ideas, or plans don’t impact your own and vice versa.

Your ability to produce is not limited by someone’s else’s.

Among other things, this mentality helps us preserve energy by doing the following:

Eliminates competition where there isn’t any

Because the opposite of abundance is scarcity. And scarcity means you have to compete for resources. But if there is no need to compete for resources, then you are spending energy on competing for things that don’t need to be competed for.

Allows for partnership, delegation, and teamwork

If you are not nervous and anxious about other people “winning” instead of you, and instead start figuring out ways that you can win in conjunction, you are no longer on your own! You can enter into partnerships and team environments without fear and allow everyone involved to bring their best to their table – most likely producing something that is well beyond what you could have done on your own. (And a whole lot less energy output on your part.)

Helps keep your emotions in check

Emotions like fear, anxiety, and suspicion are constant companions when you are existing in a scarcity mentality. They are also major energy drainers. Those emotions themselves don’t require more energy than others, BUT they are proven to stick around longer and spiral faster which requires more energy. So by kicking that scarcity mentality, you are freeing up energy for other things.

So try it! What would it look like for you to operate from an abundance mentality today?

Written by…

Megan Whittow

Megan Whittow

COO & Founder

Megan is a Wisconsin girl at heart who has found herself transplanted into the hustle and bustle of the Chicagoland area. As a child she was described as imaginative, creative and bossy (otherwise know as leadership skills). She found herself enthralled with the social sciences studying at Miami University and began honing her customer service skills shortly after graduation with a long background in the retail world.

Most recently, Megan has done creative planning and process for several non-profit organizations and is passionate about creating workplaces that people can thrive in. When not developing content, writing or speaking, Megan can be found studying for her Masters of Organizational Leadership program or horseback riding.