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The 3 Core Parts that Make a Website

by Blog

There are a seemingly infinite number of websites on the internet.

How many did you visit today?
How many did you visit yesterday?

All of those sites were created — a series of actions that require time and effort and intentionality.

Making a website may seem complicated, but driving a car is complicated to a new driver. If you’re up for taking some time to learn a new skill, there are a lot of great resources that make building a website seem more like making a craft than coding.

The Basics

A website is made up of three levels of components:

  1. A domain
  2. A hosting server
  3. The website files

You’re probably familiar with 1, and you might have an idea what 3 is, but 2 is probably where your eyes glazed over. So before we get much further, let’s explore.

Like Building a House

Imagine you’ve been given an opportunity to build a house anywhere.

The first thing you need to do is decide where.
That spot will be your address.

Next, you need a foundation for your house.
Your house cannot exist without a foundation to build on.

Finally, you need the framework of your house.
There are plenty of different types of designs for your house, but your frame gives you an idea of what the house will look like without being finished.

That’s exactly how a website is created.

Your domain is your address.
Your hosting server is your foundation.
Your website files are your framework.

It’s not that complicated, right?


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