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You are the kind of person that likes DIY projects.

You like to learn new skills.

You know the importance of having an online presence, but you just don’t have a marketing budget yet.

Whatever your circumstances are, we want you to succeed. 🌈🌪️

Use the resources below to learn about digital marketing and how to establish your presence online.

Establishing Your Digital Presence

In today’s world, people search the Internet for products and services before they look anywhere else.

If you don’t have a digital presence, you’re missing out on customers, sales, and growth.

In this guide, the Tizzy Team takes you through the different pieces that make up a digital presence.

Developing Your Brand

As a business, your brand is more than a logo — it’s everything your business looks like, feels like, and does.

This informational resource gives you a framework for creating your brand and building it into something much greater than just your logo.

Using Social Media for Marketing

The world has changed, and your business has the opportunity to reach new customers and grow existing customers like never before.

This informational resource explains why you should be on social media, what networks are best for your business, and provides tips and best practices to make sure that you’re up and operating like a pro.